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Victor’s Romantik Spa: Wellness & Beauty

Time to pamper yourself: in Victor's Romantik Spa at Bostalsee. How about a glorious massage, a vitalising luxury peeling, a luxurious facial or a nurturing manicure? Our beauty specialists look forward to meeting you. Treat yourself to an escape from everyday life and let yourself be properly pampered – with feel-good, full-body treatments and high-quality UND GRETEL, REVIDERM and CLARINS products.

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10 am – 6.30 pm

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Whether as a hotel guest or day guest: Feel welcome in Victor's Romantik Spa. Pamper your mind and body with our soothing beauty & wellness treatments with immediately noticeable, long-lasting effect.


Caring for your skin with rich, deeply penetrating moisture, our highly effective facial treatments for men and women will restore your glow and radiance.

Classic face treatment

Face treatments

This integrated programme for face, neck and décolletage offers skin cleansing, toning, deep clean, eyebrow shaping, skin detox, face, neck and décolletage mask, massage and after-care – all specially formulated to match your skin type.

Diamond microdermabrasion

Face treatments

The results achieved with regular sessions: pigmentation is lightened, scarring reduced and contours smoothed. Includes skin cleansing, enzyme peel, microdermabrasion, eyebrow correction, facial massage, mask and finishing treatment to suit your skin type.
Unfortunately not available to customers with neurodermatitis or psoriasis.


Face treatments - Specials

Specially tailored to suit your skin type.

- Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment. -

Sheet masks

Face treatment - Specials

Pure active ingredient power with no preservatives or thickeners.

- Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment. -


Face treatment - Specials

100% pure collagen cloths are used in combination with a plaster mask to drive the ingredients deep into the skin. The development of what is known as a moisture chamber opens the pores, enabling the collagens to supply your skin with intensive moisture.

- Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment. -

For the perfect look

Create head-turning looks with our professional make-up, eyebrow shaping and eyelash curling service. Perfect for brides.

Our services




Sugaring – for gentle and revitalising hair removal

Sugaring is the gentle alternative to waxing. Instead of hot wax, a special sugar paste is applied and worked in to the skin. The result? Less pain, and silky smooth skin.

Hands and feet

Hands and feet are among the body's most stressed areas. With our intensive yet gentle treatments, they will soon be soft and smooth again.


Hands and feet

Spa manicure incl. nail shaping, cuticle removal, nail polishing, hand massage and hand care, and clear varnish.


Hands and feet

Spa pedicure incl. footbath, nail shaping, cuticle removal and callus peel, and foot massage and foot care.

Varnish finish

Hands and feet

Body treatments

Restorative and richly moisturising, our wellness body treatments will leave your skin feeling like new. Ideal for dry, stressed skin.

Ultimate relaxation peel

Body treatments

Ideal for raw, tired and dry skin, our whole-body peel is combined with a body lotion specially formulated to meet your skin's unique needs.

Back treatment

Body treatments

Choose from three versions:

Cleansing treatment, deep cleansing treatment, mask

Cleansing treatment, peel, massage

Cleansing, peel, paraffin mask

Classic massages

Wonderfully revitalising and restorative – relax with one of our massages and restore your depleted energy levels.

Victor’s massage

Classic massages

Relaxing massage, by your choice either with pressure or very gentle. Let us pamper you with the special oil of your choice from the Bruno Zimmer oil mill, which is in our area.

Revitalising head and face massage

Classic massages

This deeply relaxing pressure-point massage promotes the ability to focus and helps relieve tension headaches.

Cosmetic reflexology massage

Classic massages

The reflex areas of the soles of the feet are linked to the various organs and areas of the body. This type of massage will dissolve blockages and help you relax. Includes relaxing and soothing footbath.

Foot massage

Classic massages

Your feet carry you all day long. Treat your feet to this relaxing massage.

Wellness massages

Let yourself be transported to distant climes with one of our exotic massages. Reawaken your senses on a journey of scents and aromas.

Herbal compress massage

Wellness massages

An ancient massage technique from Eastern Asia. Warm herbal vapours penetrate the skin and muscles for a therapeutic effect. This massage helps to regenerate the skin.

Hot stone massage

Wellness massages

Practised for centuries by Indian healers, hot stone massage unleashes deeply penetrating warmth from smooth, pleasant-feeling stones, helping to relax the muscles and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Aromatic candle massage

Wellness massages

Massage candle made from pure plant-based fats with various high-grade essential oils. Gentle, relaxing stroking massage for body, mind and soul. Experience a unique feel-good experience with your chosen fragrance and the gentle massage.

Honey detox treatment

Wellness massages

A detox treatment for your body. The honey is applied to the back and worked in vigorously using special movements in order to stimulate the metabolism. We advise against swimming or visiting the sauna on the day of treatment.

Massages for children (age 8-13)

Aromatic candle massage

Massages for kids

A gentle combination for the back of stroking movements and fragrance.

Honey massage

Massages for kids

A warming back massage with honey, and followed by a honey pack.

Give the gift of luxury

With a voucher from Victor's World, you can reward a staff member, treat a friend or loved one, or say thank you to a valued client.

Simone Müller-Kläser

Massage or beauty treatment: we will get you back to your radiant self. Also available for non-hotel guests.

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